My AdvoCare® Journey

AdvoCare® was founded in 1993 with a vision and a dream to make world-class nutritional products affordable to the masses. It is assembled, and is guided by, a scientific medical board with 250 years of collective post-graduate education. AdvoCare® offers balanced nutritional formulation solutions, made of high-quality ingredients that are highly absorbable, clean and pure. AdvoCare® is recommended by the Olympic Standards Committee and prides itself on its countless unpaid Olympian and professional athlete endorsements. AdvoCare® products work because they address supporting blood sugar focus, and carb-to-protein ratios.

My journey with AdvoCare® quietly began in 2006 when a friend, a professional fitness model, turned me on to “CatalystTM.”  “CatalystTM” was formulated for the 1996 U.S. Olympic Wrestling team, at the request of its coach. He wanted something that would maintain lean muscle mass during calorie restriction. “CatalystTM” keeps the muscles fueled during workouts, so the body won’t cannibalize muscles for energy. It has been nick-named “Butt-in-a-Bottle” and “Six-Pack-in-a-Bottle;” I call it “Hail Damage Repair!” A beautiful compliment to Endermologie®! As such, in 2010, it came up in discussion with a couple of clients during their Endermologie® treatments. They tried it, and loved it! So I told my entire clientele about “CatalystTM,” and interest spread like wildfire! I don’t know why I’d kept it a secret for so many years!

Whether you want to LOOK better, FEEL better, or PERFORM better, AdvoCare® is for you!

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