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But I’m Not Thirsty!

Nineteen-degree wind chill this morning, but that did not dissuade me from my daily one-hour walk before work!  I forgot my fleece gaiter, but otherwise I was all layered up!  Bra top, tank top, short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, thick sweatshirt, Arctic-lined jacket, hubby’s BDUs over my leggings, knit cap, mittens, cushioned headphones in […]

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10 Reasons to See Sleek Physique for Endermologie

Exercise is not Getting Rid of Your Cellulite Diet and exercise affect the layer of fat that lies right atop the muscle, while cellulite resides in the layer of fat just below the skin.  That’s why sometimes you’ll notice, say, marathon runners with cellulite; those training runs did nothing for that outermost fat layer. Endermologie […]

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Let’s Not Cut Corners

My go-to protein powder was out of stock this morning, so I, begrudgingly, selected a “Plan B”. Only after I got it home did I realize one serving required 2 scoops – twice as much as my preferred brand. “This is going to run out in no time”, I thought to myself; even momentarily considering […]


It’s Not What You Think

Golly, She Must Be Lazy or Eat Lots of Junk Food When you see a woman at the pool or lake whose legs are riddled with cellulite, what’s the first thought to cross your mind? If you’re thinking she’s unhealthy, please stop! CELLULITE IS NOT A REFLECTION OF HEALTH. Let me repeat that: CELLULITE IS […]

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The Mysterious Human Body

Many years ago, a new client said to me, “I don’t have that much (cellulite) so it probably won’t take many treatments, right?”   Not necessarily!  Endermologie is a highly personal journey.  Every “body” is different, thus, responds differently.   What’s Happening to my Body?   As we age, our systems slow down and aren’t […]

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Having Realistic Expectations

Endermologie technology WORKS! Its ability to make our skin look younger is AMAZING! That being said, it’s important to start your Endermologie journey with realistic expectations. What It Will and Won’t Do While Endermologie will improve your skin’s appearance, let’s be real…it’s not going to make a 60-year-old’s skin look like it did when she […]

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Like Something? SAY Something!

For many business owners, advertising is one of their costliest expenses.  And advertising is so much harder in this digital media era.  Yeah, yeah, digital ads reach exponentially more people than print – and people who are in my target market, versus anybody of any age, gender, or location who happens to pick up a […]

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Healing Through Energy Work

Our minds are so powerful and control so much.  If we heal the mind, we heal the body, then heal the soul.  Energy work is sometimes key to this healing.   Cindy Baumann, Sleek Physique LLC Masters Degreed, Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner In continuous specialized service since 2005 913-339-8011

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Indestructible “Goggle Eyes”

I was a water bug growing up.  My family spent many a summer vacation at the lake, and many a summer weekend at the lake.  When we weren’t at the lake, I was at the city pool.  At age 11 I joined a club swim team and swam year-round until graduating from high school, at […]

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What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Many of us are living with some of the mistakes of our youth. Aesthetically, I’m here to plead with you to, “Don’t be me!  Learn from my mistakes!” Cindy Baumann, Sleek Physique LLC Masters Degreed, Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner In continuous specialized practice since 2005 913-339-8011