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Your Partner in Fitness

Why is this Happening?! One of the ladies who regularly comes in for cellulite treatments shared with me how, in preparation for Memorial Day weekend – the weekend her family traditionally gets their boat out on the water for the first run of the season, she really amped-up her leg workouts. And then her scale […]


If Nothing Else, Stay Hydrated!

I had my annual blood draw this morning.  The drawing station opens at 8:00 am, so I started fasting last night at 8:00 pm, and planned to sleep as long as I could this morning in order to minimize the discomfort of the fast.  So I got up at 6:00 am and was quite comfortable; […]


No “Daily Deals” for Me!

Today’s musing – you’ve seen them for years; they’re at the national level and at the local level.  “Daily Deals”.  They come under an array of different names.  A “ganga” “get-it-before-it-expires” offer, supposedly for at least 50% off regular prices.  I say “supposedly” because some merchants game the system by advertising a much higher regular […]

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What’s Your “Why?”?

Every decision we make is rooted in “Why?”. “Why did you buy a home in ‘Anytown USA’?”  “Because the schools are good, the crime is low, and the jobs pay well.” “Why did you choose to attend ‘Any State University’?”  “Because it has the best ‘Underwater Basket Weaving’ program in the country”. “Why did you […]


Look Younger Without Surgery

Thankfully modern medicine is so advanced that we now have surgical solutions to many of our issues; though, many of us believe that surgery should be the last alternative.  Surgery will always be there; let’s try some gentler, non-invasive and more natural techniques, first.   BODY ENDERMOLOGIE Do you feel self-conscious in shorts, bathing suits, […]


Getting “Beach Ready” Skin

Inside this opulent plastic surgeon’s office in Leawood, Kansas, resides, what has long been called, “The World’s Best-Kept Secret”. A non-invasive spa treatment cleared by the FDA to help women and men regain the skin of their younger selves. What is it? What does it do? Read on! In the 1970’s a Frenchman was injured […]


What I do, MATTERS!

Hi! I’m Cindy Baumann, owner of Southwest Silhouettes in Phoenix Arizona. I have administered non-invasive, FDA-cleared Endermologie treatments for the past 14 years, after having been a client for 6 years prior. I started out in 2005 in St. Joseph Missouri, a bedroom community about an hour north of Kansas City. After a couple of […]


World’s Best-kept Secret

Endermologie. Though it’s a technological marvel that has been around for several decades, you may have never heard of it. What started in France in the 70’s by a physical therapist as a personal tool to soften his scar tissue after an auto accident, has become a worldwide anti-aging phenomenon – some 300,000 treatments being […]