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Look Younger Without Surgery

Thankfully modern medicine is so advanced that we now have surgical solutions to many of our issues; though, many of us believe that surgery should be the last alternative.  Surgery will always be there; let’s try some gentler, non-invasive and more natural techniques, first.   BODY ENDERMOLOGIE Do you feel self-conscious in shorts, bathing suits, […]


Getting “Beach Ready” Skin

Inside this opulent plastic surgeon’s office in Leawood, Kansas, resides, what has long been called, “The World’s Best-Kept Secret”. A non-invasive spa treatment cleared by the FDA to help women and men regain the skin of their younger selves. What is it? What does it do? Read on! In the 1970’s a Frenchman was injured […]


What I do, MATTERS!

Hi! I’m Cindy Baumann, owner of Southwest Silhouettes in Phoenix Arizona. I have administered non-invasive, FDA-cleared Endermologie treatments for the past 14 years, after having been a client for 6 years prior. I started out in 2005 in St. Joseph Missouri, a bedroom community about an hour north of Kansas City. After a couple of […]


World’s Best-kept Secret

Endermologie. Though it’s a technological marvel that has been around for several decades, you may have never heard of it. What started in France in the 70’s by a physical therapist as a personal tool to soften his scar tissue after an auto accident, has become a worldwide anti-aging phenomenon – some 300,000 treatments being […]

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10 Reasons to see Sleek Physique for Endermologie

1. Exercise is not getting rid of your cellulite Diet and exercise affect the layer of fat that lies right atop the muscle, while cellulite resides in the layer of fat just below the skin.  That’s why sometimes you’ll notice, say, marathon runners with cellulite; those training runs did nothing for that outermost fat layer.  […]


Cottage Cheese?! Not on MY Thighs!

It was one of the world’s best-kept secrets. But now, the secret is out! What is it? What’s so great about it? And why does it deliver such amazing results? Read on! Due to any number of reasons, hormonal changes, heredity, and age being the most common, 80% to 90% of post-adolescent women lose circulation […]


My Cellulite Journey

I was 32 when I first became an Endermologie client. I can’t say that I was “desperately” looking for a solution to my cellulite that night that I watched Diane Sawyer air a news magazine story about Endermologie. I’d given up on finding a solution after the only thing I’d tried to that point – […]