Young blond woman is sleeping on the keyboard after overtime in the office.

Are You Getting Enough Zzzzz’s?

I’m musing about “Sleep” today, as it has been a hot topic in medical news this week.  Just a few days ago the CDC released results of its most recent sleep study which found that 25% of adults are not getting the minimum 7 hours of sleep per day.  Fifteen percent of us have trouble […]

Portrait of beautiful young happy woman with phone, dressed in pin-up style. Caucasian blond model posing in retro fashion and vintage concept studio shoot.

Whatever Happened to Human Contact?

To Call or Not to Call Ah, communicating with our service providers…a necessary evil.  If my matter isn’t urgent, I prefer to communicate with businesses by email or messaging.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking so I’ll opt for online chat.  But sometimes the matter is critical, or the business doesn’t offer more convenient […]


Did You Get Your Hugs Today?

Fun little change-of-pace today – hugging!  I often say, “Look better, feel better with Endermologie”, but today I say “Feel better THEN look better with HUGS”!   Hugging is Instinctive   Scientists believe hugging started 6000 years ago during the New Stone Age…perhaps as a greeting, or perhaps as a way of sharing body heat.  […]

Woman's bare feet with red toenails standing on a scale that reads "Too Much"

Your Partner in Fitness

Why is this Happening?! One of the ladies who regularly comes in for cellulite treatments shared with me how, in preparation for Memorial Day weekend – the weekend her family traditionally gets their boat out on the water for the first run of the season, she really amped-up her leg workouts. And then her scale […]

woman's bare calf and leg walking away through the sand with the caption "All Natural Path Towards Beauty"

No “Daily Deals” for Me!

Today’s musing – you’ve seen them for years; they’re at the national level and at the local level.  “Daily Deals”.  They come under an array of different names.  A “ganga” “get-it-before-it-expires” offer, supposedly for at least 50% off regular prices.  I say “supposedly” because some merchants game the system by advertising a much higher regular […]


Why Choose Endermologie When There are SO Many Other Options Available?

Here are just a few reasons:   Endermologie is Organic Nuthin’ goin’ in; nuthin’ comin’ out!  Endermologie simply retrains your systems to behave as they did when you were younger – and smoother, toner, and less lumpy!  What systems, you ask?  Your blood circulation, your lymphatic drainage, digestion, metabolism, exfoliation, and the rate at which […]