Nineteen-degree wind chill this morning, but that did not dissuade me from my daily one-hour walk before work!  I forgot my fleece gaiter, but otherwise I was all layered up!  Bra top, tank top, short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, thick sweatshirt, Arctic-lined jacket, hubby’s BDUs over my leggings, knit cap, mittens, cushioned headphones in lieu of earmuffs…I was a sight to behold!  And I was bookin’ it, too!  I kept up my regular pace despite being so weighed down by layers!

Yet, I never got thirsty.

I had my daily Spark first thing this morning, then after I got home from my walk, I had a protein shake but I haven’t felt like drinking any water yet today.  Luckily, it’s still early so there’s still time to down a gallon of water today, but it’s not appealing to me right now.

And There are Reasons for That

When we get cold our blood vessels constrict to keep us warm.  This vasoconstriction decreases blood flow to the skin in order to reduce our blood’s heat loss so it can preserve our core temperature.  The kidneys, in turn, begin conserving fluid, thereby hindering thirst.

“Well, okay, then; if I’m not thirsty, my body doesn’t need hydration; so, what’s the problem?”

Not so fast!  Experts say that by the time we’re thirsty dehydration has already set in.  But just because we’re not thirsty doesn’t mean that we’re properly hydrated; we might not be DE-hydrated yet, but we also might not have enough water to allow optimal body functioning.

“We drink to offset sweating, and I’m hardly sweating!”

Meh, you might think not!  Our bodies work harder in the winter underneath the weight of extra clothing, so we do sweat; it’s just that the air is often so dry that the sweat evaporates at first perspiration.  In the summer it’s often humid, so the sweat has nowhere to go other than just roll off our bodies!

But let’s just say that you aren’t, in fact, sweating; do you see your breath in the cold air?  That vapor is water droplets leaving your body.  I had so much vapor during my walk this morning that my head looked like it was on fire!  😆

Winter hydration is just as important as summer hydration.  Bottom line, when fluid leaves, it must be replaced.

I’m going to have that first glass of water, now!


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