The pandemic brought about many changes, some bad some good.  One good change is that many of us reevaluated our priorities.  The 2022 Microsoft Annual Work Trend Index Report found that 53% of employees are now more likely to prioritize health and wellbeing over work.

While this report is focused on work life balance and related issues, I have to believe that those surveyed represent a cross-section of society and that most of us have had an “awakening”.  We’ve come to terms with something we’ve long known – that life, or life as we know it, can end as quickly as a snap of the fingers.  What a shame for life to end before ever having made time for “self”.

That’s Where I Can Help!

Though Endermologie cellulite treatments are widely renowned for aesthetic improvements, more and more of my clientele are seeking wellness improvements.

Years ago, back in Tucson, I had a recently-widowed, seventy-some-year-old client start Endermologie cellulite treatments to tone her aged skin.  She cried and cried through her treatments at the beginning of her Endermologie journey as she shared anecdotes about her 50-year marriage.  Every single day during her marriage she had been physically touched somehow.  She shared with me that Endermologie filled the “touch” void left by her newly-departed husband.  For her, Endermologie provided much-needed depression relief.

Experts estimate that nearly 90% of disease is stress related.  It’s no secret that stress ages us internally and externally.  It’s also no secret that stress is a common trigger for anxiety.  Anxiety saps our energy, it saps our ability to concentrate, and it saps our sleep.  One thing that it doesn’t sap – fatigue!  Stress can also cause blood pressure to soar which then slows blood circulation.

Stress Can Kill!

Sometimes stress is good.  Short bursts of stress can help inspire us to achieve optimal performance by forcing us to focus our energy.  It can also build resiliency.  But you’ve just got to stop chronic stress, and Endermologie is one way to do that!

What You Might Notice After a Series of Endermologie Treatments

In addition to the stress-relieving endorphin release

  • You might reduce your dependence on certain medications.  This happened to several of my clients.
  • Your immunity will be stronger as Endermologie increases your lymphatic drainage.  You’ll “potty out the cooties”!
  • Your internal organs will receive better oxygen and nutrition as Endermologie increases your blood circulation.
  • Endermologie is FDA-cleared to reduce minor muscle aches and pains – “Hello low back pain! It’s even known to reduce migraine pain.
  • Your post-surgical bruising and swelling will heal faster with Endermologie than with “Mother Nature”!
  • Your long-after-surgery scar tissue will soften after Endermologie.  This is another benefit that a couple of my clients enjoyed.
  • If you’re active and/or athletic, you might appreciate Endermologie’s amazing ability to soothe sore muscles, reduce cramping, and improve range of motion after a tough workout or competition.

Endermologie Is So Much More Than “Aesthetic”

Consider adding regular Endermologie treatments to your wellness regimen.  I truly believe you’ll notice a world of difference in the way you feel!


Cindy Baumann, Sleek Physique, LLC

Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner


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