Cellulite treatments utilize a therapy called Endermologie® which slims fat, tones skin, and reduces cellulite. LPG Systems – inventor, patent-holder, and registered trademark owner –introduced Endermologie® to Europe in the 1980’s, and to the United States in the early 1990’s, as a non-invasive approach to reduce or eliminate cellulite. Endermologie® was originally invented in France in the 1970’s as a treatment to reshape scar tissue, although many clients observed reduction of body dimensions and improvement in skin texture.

In recent years LPG Systems introduced wrinkle treatments - Facial Endermologie® - to firm skin, replump wrinkles and improve skin clarity.

The term cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin generally on the hips, thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is due to any number of reasons, age, genetics, and hormonal changes being the most common; 80% to 90% of post-adolescent women lose circulation to the skin. This causes fluids and toxins to become immobilized, cutting off fat cells from nutrition and waste removal. Fat cells then become engorged, swell up to 300 times in size, and push up on the skin. At the same time, the fibers that connect the skin to the muscle shrink, and pull down on the skin.

Fat cells pushing up….connective tissues pulling down….and there’s your “dimple”, “orange peel”, “cottage cheese”, or “hail damage”!

The 'Integral 2' is the technology that I’m operating. It’s one of the latest advancements in Endermologie®- true cutting-edge technology, and more effective than previous generations' technology in attacking cellulite and wrinkles.

Body Endermologie® is a mechanized technique, combining regulated suction and two rollers to symmetrically and rhythmically fold and unfold the skin.  This technique increases your body’s own naturally-occurring processes.

Your body already releases fat; Body Endermologie® increases this process – called Lipolysis – by more than 70% for slimming.

Your body already produces collagen and elastin; Body Endermologie® increases its production - up to 240% -  for toning.

Your body already circulates blood and drains the lymph; Body Endermologie® increases these processes by up to 400% and 300%, respectively, to reduce cellulite.

No injections, no cutting, completely non-invasive, 100% natural!

Facial Endermologie is a mechanized technique that naturally stimulates hyaluronic acid - necessary for smoothing - and fibroblasts, which help boost collagen and elastin production – necessary for firming.

Your body already produces hyaluronic acid – Facial Endermologie increases its production by up to 80%. “Bye-bye, wrinkles!”

Likewise, your body already produces collagen and elastin – Facial Endermologie increases its production by up to 46%.  “Hello, firm skin!”  Collagen production starts to decrease around age 25.  If you start Facial Endermologie early enough, perhaps you’ll delay your entry into the injection chair!

Yes!  Cleared in 1998, Endermologie® was the first mechanized treatment to receive FDA clearance for cellulite reduction.  It’s also cleared for reduction of circumferential body measurements, improvement of local blood circulation, and relief from minor muscle aches and pains, muscle spasms, and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Endermologie® is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, not requiring anesthesia or breaking of the skin.  There is no pain or downtime experienced with Endermologie®.  Plastic surgeons all over the country do, in fact, recommend Body Endermologie® as part of their Liposuction protocols.  Several treatments before surgery will make the fat softer, and easier for the surgeon to extract.  Treatments after surgery will smooth out the lumps and the bumps.

Incidentally, Body Endermologie® by “Integral 2” is a wonderful complement to several other aesthetic treatments – “CoolSculpting”, “Zerona”, “VelaShape” and “VaserShape” being the most common pairings.  Whether it’s speeding the elimination of dead fat cells from your body, hastening the removal of released fat, or breaking down fibrotic conditions, incorporating Body Endermologie® into these therapies may enhance your results.

For optimal results, 2 treatments per week until you’re happy with your results, then 1 treatment per month thereafter to maintain your new look.  Most need 16-20 treatments to plateau; though, some are only looking for “comfort”, so they will taper down to maintenance after they’re comfortable wearing shorts or a bathing suit.

For optimal results, 3 treatments per week for the first 2 weeks, 2 treatments per week during weeks 3 and 4, then 1 treatment per week thereafter if needed.  Upon completion of your series, we’ll have to see what works best for you in terms of maintenance – generally anywhere from 1 treatment every 2 to 4 weeks.


Every ‘body’ responds differently, but most of my clients start noticing changes to their bodies within 7 or 8 Body Endermologie treatments, plateauing around 16-20 treatments, then tapering down to maintenance.

Facial Endermologie is amazing!  Most are seeing smoother wrinkles after just ONE treatment!  We’ll need a series of facial treatments in order to hold those results, usually around 12 before tapering down to maintenance.

Most clients find the sensation quite pleasant, even falling asleep during their treatments!  The intensity of the treatment will be adjusted to your own comfort level.

None at all!  That’s the beauty of non-invasive remedies!

Everybody is different, so temporary, mild bruising, sensitivity reactions, and broken capillaries might occur.  Simply inform me if you feel discomfort during the treatment, and I’ll adjust the power to your comfort level.  Additionally, if you are within the first 72 hours of a cold, flu, infection (bladder, poison ivy, for example), Endermologie® will, in all likelihood, exacerbate it.

Though Body Endermologie® treatments often result in noticeable changes in body circumference, this is not a weight loss remedy.  There is no correlation between weight loss and circumference loss.  You are not likely to see improvements to skin texture unless you are close to your ideal weight.

However, if you are embarking on a weight loss program, particularly a radical program such as gastric bypass, Lap-Band™, or the like, Body Endermologie® may help ward off the sagging skin syndrome that often results from rapid weight loss.  The key is to receive regular treatments as you lose the weight, keeping your skin taut as you become smaller in circumference.  If you wait until the skin is already sagging, Body Endermologie® is not your answer.

To a certain extent, yes.  If the abs are sagging from loose skin, then Endermologie® may help.  But if the abs are sagging because the abdominal muscle is sagging, then Body Endermologie® is not your answer.  Body Endermologie® is the answer to many post-partum moms’ prayers!  It even whittles men’s love handles, too!

Though no correlation has been found between Endermologie® and pregnancy complications, for liability reasons, I will not treat pregnant clients.  But we can get started with Body Endermologie® as soon as one month after the return of your period, and after you’ve stopped lactating.  We can start Facial Endermologie® right after delivery.

No!  It also treats wrinkles!  And the FDA has cleared Endermologie® for the relief of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), minor muscle aches and pains, and muscle spasms.

Your muscles will inevitably become sore after a proper workout; muscle soreness and joint pain being frequent problems for athletes.  Many people allow themselves to be overcome by the challenges of their exercise programs, including severe soreness after the workout.  The key is to not allow these obstacles to stop or deter you from reaching your full potential.  With Body Endermologie®, you’ll feel the difference with enhanced physical performance and endurance during your workout, and you’ll notice the effects from better recovery after your workout.  See me before vigorous exercise to help energize your muscles and maximize your workout.  A treatment beforehand not only increases blood circulation, it also improves the visco-elasticity of the muscles, thereby preventing the minute tears of muscle fibers, and the muscular swelling that causes DOMS.  See me to aid in lessening soreness after your workout.  Body Endermologie® helps with the elimination of lactic acid, the drainage of inflammation, and relieves stiffness to provide greater flexibility.  Those who incorporate Body Endermologie® into their workout routines, enjoy an improved comfort in everyday life, as well as improved static and dynamic strength.

There is no guarantee, but, statistically, ninety percent of Endermologie® clients do notice favorable improvement in cellulitic areas.  In my practice, I’m experiencing a higher-than-average success rate.

Because Body Endermologie® increases blood circulation by up to 400%, some conditions may be exacerbated, or some organs over-burdened, upon treatment.  For this reason, I cannot treat those diagnosed with the following conditions:

  1. Thrombosis, and/or taking prescribed blood thinners
  2. Progressive, infectious illnesses such as AIDS, etc.
  3. Cancer or malignant tumors within the past 5 years
  4. Heart disease
  5. Acute infections or inflammation
  6. Respiratory disease
  7. Kidney failure
  8. Hepatitis
  9. Diabetes
  10. Circulatory conditions within the past 2 years
  11. Pregnancy

Additionally, I cannot administer Facial Endermologie® treatments under the following conditions:

  1. Active Herpes outbreak
  2. Infectious and inflammatory acne
  3. Vitiligo
  4. Over filler
  5. Over Botox less than 2 weeks old


Endermologie® is 100% natural.  Endermologie® is not going to cut, prick, heat, or zap your skin, and it’s not going to injure your fat cells.  It is merely going to increase processes that your body is already performing.  It’s going to increase Lipolysis for fat release, collagen and elastin production for toning, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for cellulite reduction, and natural hyaluronic acid production for re-plumping wrinkles.  You are doing these things anyway; why not do them more efficiently?

This is very important; if you don’t seek an experienced LPG-certified, licensed practitioner, you risk wasting your time and money.

LPG is the inventor, patent-holder, and trademark owner of Endermologie®.  So first, you want to ensure that your practitioner is using an LPG system, and not some knock-off imitation.  Before agreeing to your first treatment, look for the LPG logo on your practitioner’s equipment.

Secondly, you want to ensure that your practitioner has not purchased LPG equipment off the black-market – an offense that bans the practitioner from LPG training, certification, licensure, and tech support.  So also look for the LPG certification on display in your practitioner’s office.  This credential ensures that your practitioner has received results-oriented training. If you don’t see it, ask to see it, and accept no excuses for its non-availability.

Finally, you’ll want to ask the typical questions you would ask of any new personal-service provider: “How long have you been in practice?”, “How many treatments have you administered?” and the like.

More than seventeen years of continuous, specialized, Endermologie® practice

More than 16,000 treatments administered single-handedly

Four Endermologie® credentials

An above-industry-average success rate

Operating the “Integral 2” - the award-winning, ninth generation advancement in Endermologie technology

Trained and certified ONLY by the best in the biz - top-notch LPG trainers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Endermologie® is my career.  Endermologie® is my passion.  I’m not practicing Endermologie® because I need somethinganything, to do; I had a secure health care career before Endermologie® chose me!  For seventeen uninterrupted years, I have provided nothing but Endermologie®……I haven’t been splitting my time doing hair…..or wraps…..or eyelash extensions….or anything else.  It’s all Endermologie®!  All the time!

Need I say more?!

The bodysuit allows the treatment head to glide easily; otherwise, it would stick on, and pinch, bare skin.  It also keeps the treatment head clean, and helps maintain modesty.

Monday through Friday: 10:30-5:30

Saturday: 8:30-10:30

Twenty-four hours’ notice please.  This is how I make my living.  Go figure!  When you and I schedule, that time slot is yours, and I schedule around it.  When you give at least 24 hours’ notice, I can probably fill that slot.  Please don’t just not show up, or call an hour before your appointment, (which is better than no-showing, but still means the slot is going to waste).  I will, regretfully, decline to serve those who repeatedly “ambush” me in this manner.  I have to be selective in whom I serve, in order to attract clients who are honorable and respectful of my time, as I am of theirs.  Just notify me; I don’t bite!  Thank you for your understanding of this matter!

How much does it cost?

Endermologie                              $79 per treatment (club members - $67)

Package of 12 treatments        $780 ($973 value)

Package of 20 treatments    $1,200 ($1,605 value)

Premium Package - Body     $1,495 ($2,050 value)

  • 20 treatments
  • NuBODY Skin Toning Kit
  • Endermologie Bodysuit
  • Dry Brush

Premium Package - Face     $1,495 ($1,975 value)

  • 20 treatments
  • NuFACE Trinity PRO Facial Toning Kit
  • Flap Kit


Bodysuit  (Body Treatments) - $25 (free with package)
Dry Brush (Body Treatments) - $10
Flap Kit (Facial Treatment) - $40 (free with package)
     Required purchase for eye/lip treatments

NuBody Skin Toning Kit - $399
     plus tax
NuFace Trinity PRO Facial Kit - $325
     plus tax
ELE Attachment - $149
     plus tax
TWR Attachment - $149
     plus tax
AdvoCare Catalyst (10 Day Sup) - $34
     per bottle


$80 per quarter

15% discount off regular price Endermologie treatments

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