Inside this opulent plastic surgeon’s office in Leawood, Kansas, resides, what has long been called, “The World’s Best-Kept Secret”. A non-invasive spa treatment cleared by the FDA to help women regain the skin of their younger selves. What is it? What does it do? Read on!

In the 1970’s a Frenchman was injured in an auto accident in his homeland and suffered from severe scar tissue build-up. An inventor, he developed a machine that would soften his scar tissue. What he found was his pants becoming looser! A few more tweaks, and he found himself holding a patent for a non-surgical technology with which, today, 300,000 people, worldwide, receive treatments every day.

What’s this big secret?  It’s called “Endermologie”; pronounced “In-DERM-ala-gee”.

The FDA granted Endermologie Class 1 clearance in 1998 for (1) Cellulite Reduction (2) Circumferential Reduction (3) Relief from minor muscle aches and pains (4) Relief from DOMS – Delayed Onset Motion Soreness. Endermologie is non-invasive and 100% natural; it simply boosts your normal bodily processes to achieve aesthetic gain. Your body is already producing collagen and elastin; Endermologie boosts this production to aid in firming loose skin. Your body is already releasing fat; Endermologie increases this fat release to aid in slimming fat pockets – like on the thighs and tummy. Your body is already circulating blood and draining the lymph; Endermologie boosts these processes to aid in cellulite reduction. Your body already sheds dead skin; Endermologie boosts this exfoliation to aid in better skin clarity.

An organic process, Endermologie is not a “one-stop shopping” experience; this is a relationship, much like you have with your hairdresser. You’ll need multiple treatments over a short period of time in order to affect a change to your skin. Afterward, you’ll need one treatment per month to maintain your new appearance. Like any service, treatment, or product, results vary; there’s no assurance that you and, say, your best friend will notice the same effect. The Endermologie industry does enjoys a 90% overall success rate.

And the best part of Endermologie! It feels good! It’s an escape! You’ll feel your stress melt away and may even sleep better on treatment nights! As well, you may even start eliminating more productively; this leads to less constipation, fewer stomach aches, less fatigue, fewer muscle aches, less joint pain, even less acne. Endermologie is not just “aesthetics”; there’s definitely a “wellness” component.

“Where do I find Endermologie?” At “Sleek Physique, LLC” in Leawood, Kansas, for one! “Sleek Physique, LLC” has been in continual, and exclusive, Endermologie practice for more than 19 years!

The “Integral 2” has won various “Best Product” spa awards and is not only an effective body treatment; it also treats the face and neck! Same organic premise as with body treatments – you’re already producing hyaluronic acid; Endermologie boosts this production to plump out, and smooth, wrinkles, as well as boost your natural collagen and elastin production to tighten loose skin – like on the neck. Results on the face are often immediate; though, you’ll need to complete a series in order for results to hold for up to a month between maintenance treatments.

Look better – feel better. You just can’t discount the value of the high self-esteem that comes with a comfortable body image. “Sleek Physique, LLC” can help you feel body-confident this summer…and summer will be here before you know it!

Cindy Baumann, Sleek Physique, LLC

Masters Degreed. Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner

In continuous specialized service since 2005


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