Endermologie technology WORKS! Its ability to make our skin look younger is AMAZING! That being said, it’s important to start your Endermologie journey with realistic expectations.

What It Will and Won’t Do

While Endermologie will improve your skin’s appearance, let’s be real…it’s not going to make a 60-year-old’s skin look like it did when she was 30…but it might make it look like it did during the prior decade.
Facial Endermologie will smooth out your wrinkles, tone loose skin, and slim your double chin; but it is not going to do what a surgical facelift will do. Endermologie is a good stepping stone to a surgical facelift for those who prefer a natural and easier approach to fight the signs of aging.


As well, Endermologie cellulite treatments will reduce the appearance of your cellulite dimples, tone loose skin, and slim fat pockets; but it’s not going to match liposuction or tummy tuck results – neither of those surgical solutions purport to have any effect on cellulite, anyway. Again, it’s a good stepping stone for those not quite ready to take the full plunge into surgical body contouring.

Woman in white Endermologie bodysuit lying face down on table, another woman administering an Endermologie cellulite treatment with the Integral 2Pro Tip:

See me for a couple of Endermologie treatments before surgery in order to prep your skin for surgery, and again afterward to aid in healing and results enhancement! 😉

What’s The Deal With Naysayers?

If you hear or read opinions bashing Endermologie, take them with a grain of salt…did the basher really expect Endermologie to be a substitute for surgery?! If so, then sure, they’ll be disappointed. But if they expected a fresher-looking face in the mirror, or to have to pull in the belt a notch, or to feel more confident wearing shorts and tank tops and bathing suits, then they’ll likely be a happy camper!
Keep in mind, too, realistic expectations or not, that every “body” is different; no two ladies are going to respond to Endermologie in the same way.
Endermologie is a personal journey. Let’s start yours today!
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