I was a water bug growing up.  My family spent many a summer vacation at the lake, and many a summer weekend at the lake.  When we weren’t at the lake, I was at the city pool.  At age 11 I joined a club swim team and swam year-round until graduating from high school, at which time I retired.

Or So I Thought!

Underwater shot of young woman swimming in pool. Female swimmer inside swimming pool.

Sometime after completing my undergraduate studies, I reemerged in competitive swimming, this time as a master.  I swam masters until my early 30’s when ballroom dancing became my new love; in my mid-40’s, hiking joined my short list of passions.  I hadn’t been in the water for some 5 years until two weeks ago when, on a whim, I visited the neighborhood pool and swam laps for just 20 minutes.  OMG, I felt sooooo good during the rest of the day!  My arms and legs felt all warm and glowy and my body felt like it had a good workout!  So I decided to make it a habit for the rest of the summer and have been almost every day since then to swim laps for half-an-hour.

You know what?  In addition to the beneficial fitness boost, some of the same things that I experienced as a kid are happening to me again.  Goggle Eyes!  I’d forgotten all about Goggle Eyes until 2 weeks ago!  You know what I mean, right?  Those deep round welts around your eyes after wearing goggles for, apparently, only 20-30 minutes!  And acne!  I’ve battled cystic acne my entire life; my swimming years didn’t help matters any; I’m sure the heavy chlorine was to blame.

Goggle Eyes didn’t bother me at all while I was competing; in fact, it was sort of a badge of honor.  But now that I’m in the anti-aging business I don’t think it bodes well to be seen with a deep welt around my eyes!  “Yeah, ladies, come see me for all your anti-aging needs!”

I Have an Idea!NuFace ELE AttachmentNuFace Fix

I thought I had a great idea after my third workout – I immediately used my NuFace Fix and NuFace ELE attachment to plump out the Goggle welts. Meh.  Not a profound difference. Microcurrent will smooth out NATURALLY occurring lines and wrinkles, not deep, self-induced welts!  Then I tried good old fashioned tea bags; still not much difference.  I guess “time” is the remedy for Goggle Eyes.

But for the acne I used my NuFace TWR attachment and cleared up my 3 zits in one treatment!  Yep!  Three minutes on each zit at bedtime, and when I woke up, I couldn’t find them!

I’m batting 500!


Why Can’t I Sleep?

Something new since having started swimming every day is trouble sleeping.  This is not something I experienced in my former swimming days, and I don’t know if it’s related to the swimming or purely coincidental, but normally I’m a “fall-asleep-as-soon-as-my-head-hits-the-pillow” kind of gal.  For the past 2 weeks it has taken hours to fall asleep.  I don’t know what the root cause is, or what the answer is.  I guess when the pool closes for the summer, I’ll have my answer as to whether the insomnia is related to my new fitness swimming routine.

What’s the Point?

So the point of today’s musing is to tout the NuFace TWR attachment as, not only, an anti-wrinkle treatment, but also an effective anti-acne treatment. Happy accident!  Two-fer-one!

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