Wellness Technologies for the Total Body

LPG, the pioneer in non-invasive beauty and wellness technologies, was founded in 1986 and continually innovates. I operate the award-winning "Integral 2" - one of LPG's latest advancements in Endermologie - marking a real turning point in, both, design and technology.

The treatment head has been enlarged and completely redesigned, delivering the most advanced technique for precision body and facial treatments, offering never-obtained results.

With more than 86 targeted beauty programs, the “Integral 2” is sure to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.  Whether you are male or female….whether it’s body or face….cellulite reduction or toning, or both….replumping facial wrinkles or firming, or both….the “Integral 2” is here and is producing amazing results!

FDA-cleared, non-invasive, no downtime, your treatment will be customized to suit your needs.