Golly, She Must Be Lazy or Eat Lots of Junk Food

When you see a woman at the pool or lake whose legs are riddled with cellulite, what’s the first thought to cross your mind? If you’re thinking she’s unhealthy, please stop!


Let me repeat that:


Cellulite is simply a condition that affects most women. It’s not a “fat thing”…it’s a “woman thing”.

I Speak From Experience

52696073_2238334993092701_2019928900334780416_n BCellulite is caused by genetics, hormones, and/or age. I, for one, am the epitome of health. I eat 2000 good, quality calories per day (save for the occasional “cheat“! My family can attest to that after last Saturday night!), I do an hour of cardio daily and an hour of resistance training most days of the week. I drink a gallon of water per day and usually get good, restorative sleep.

And I have cellulite!

I’ve been an Endermologie “groupie” since 1998. Back then, I was young enough that Endermologie completely eradicated my cellulite. Now, 24 years later, try as I may, I just can’t get rid of it completely; I’m pretty sure “age” is joining forces with “genetics” and “hormones” to interfere! But my legs look a heckuva lot better than they would without Endermologie! I will have NO angst walking around the pool deck in my bathing suit during my cruise next month!

On the Contrary

Conversely, there’s no argument that obesity is unhealthy. Have you ever known an obese woman who didn’t have cellulite? It happens more than you realize, because it has nothing to do with weight or health.


If it bothers you, come see me. Endermologie will also firm up your loose skin and slim down little fat pockets here-and-there.

Oh, and it feels FANTASIC!

Look better, feel better, with Endermologie by Sleek Physique! Located at 115th and Nall in Leawood, Kansas!


Cindy Baumann headshotCindy Baumann, Sleek Physique, LLC

Masters Degreed. Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner

In continuous specialized service since 2005



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