My go-to protein powder was out of stock this morning, so I, begrudgingly, selected a “Plan B”. Only after I got it home did I realize one serving required 2 scoops – twice as much as my preferred brand. “This is going to run out in no time”, I thought to myself; even momentarily considering using only 1 scoop in order to make it last as long as my regular powder.

Then I had to chuckle! This is the very thing I tell my ladies not to do – RATION!

For Best Results, Don’t Conserve!

If I had used my protein powder sparingly, I would have undermined the very reason I take it – to get an adequate amount of protein in my diet!  And it probably would have tasted “icky”, to boot!

Same thing with Endermologie; if you’re just starting your Endermologie journey and try to make your treatment package last longer by only coming in for treatment here-and-there, you won’t see your desired aesthetic gains. Endermologie works by retraining your systems to behave like they did when you were younger and had more youthful-looking skin.

And we need repetition in order to retrain!

Conversely, if you’re in your maintenance phase, or if you’re coming in for the occasional pampering, by all means, stretch it out!

But if you’re just starting, please come in twice a week for at least the first 4 weeks. Protocol says we can taper down to once-a-week starting in week 5 until you’re ready for maintenance. My preference, based upon 17 years of practice, is to continue twice-a-week until you’re ready for maintenance.

In other words, I’m gonna be your new best friend for a couple of months!

Look better, feel better, with Endermologie by Sleek Physique!


Cindy Baumann headshotCindy Baumann, Sleek Physique, LLC

Masters Degreed. Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner

In continuous specialized service since 2005


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