Thankfully modern medicine is so advanced that we now have surgical solutions to many of our issues; though, many of us believe that surgery should be the last alternative.  Surgery will always be there; let’s try some gentler, non-invasive and more natural techniques, first.

Body Endermologie13508826_1128415067216531_2118742489302006054_n cropped

Do you feel self-conscious in shorts, bathing suits, or tank tops because of cellulite, fat rolls, and/or flabby skin?  Cellulite treatments with Body Endermologie, administered by yours truly, will address all of these beauty banes while you bask in a pampering full body treatment.  Endermologie is an organic process, so we’ll need to do a quick series of treatments when you first start; we’ll gradually taper down to once-a-month for maintenance.


Facial Endermologie

We can cover up our bodies during cold weather seasons; hence, dismissing our battle against cellulite68443005_2532782273446463_2054374727027261440_n cropped and fat rolls, but the face?  Eh, not so much!  Our faces are “out there” year-round!  Covid gave us a temporary excuse to hide our issues, but now It’s harder to cover up our faces when feel like we don’t look our best.  Wrinkle treatments with Facial Endermologie will diminish or erase wrinkles, tone loose jowls and necks, and slim double chins.  I dare you to try to stay awake as I administer your treatment!  Yes, it’s that soothing!  Facial Endermologie, too, requires a series to start, gradually tapering down to maintenance.


Prefer to do it Yourself at Home?


Perhaps you prefer a DIY option.  NuBody take-home microcurrent device will tone, firm, and smoothNuBody5 dimples.  With the exception of slimming fat pockets, NuBody will do everything Body Endermologie does, but much slower.  No take-home spa device is ever the same strength as what is available in spas.  Use 5 minutes per zone, 5 days per week, and in 60 days you’ll enjoy noticeably younger-looking skin.  It takes me just 10 minutes to do each of my legs, and I watch TV while I do it!  Easy peasy!


NuFace Trinity PROFB_IMG_1534947970154

There’s a microcurrent device for the face, too!  NuFace Trinity PRO.  Improve your facial contour, skin tone, and reduce wrinkles, in your own space on your own time!  I do this while I watch TV, too!  Available only in high-end spas and doctors’ offices, make certain that you purchase the “PRO” version – its current is stronger and its warranty is longer!  Use for just 5 minutes per day, 5 times per week for 60 days to turn back the clock to a younger you!


NuFace Fixfix 22

Just need a quick fix?  How about a “Fix” by NuFace?  About the size of a mascara tube, use Fix for 3 minutes per eye and lips whenever you need an instant refreshing.  You can use it every 12 hours, and results will hold for several hours.  So you can use it before work to get through that big board meeting, then after work to get through office Happy Hour!


NuFace ELE AttachmentELE1

For a lasting and targeted solution to wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, add the NuFace ELE Attachment to your Trinity PRO.  The ELE Attachment draws the current way down to your muscle, whereas the Fix works topically.  Like the PRO, use for a few minutes per day, 5 times per week for 60 days to see these delicate and stubborn areas less wrinkly and puckered.


NuFace TWR Attachment

If you’re really serious about attacking facial wrinkles, consider adding the NuFace TWR Attachment toTWR2 your Trinity PRO.  The TWR Attachment is a 21-minute red light therapy, that focuses on the eyes, forehead, and nasal lines.  I often go off-label and add marionette lines and lips, too!  Another off-label indication that I’ve discovered is that the TWR Attachment speeds the healing of my rare acne breakouts!  I’ve found, too, that when I do it in bed at night, it helps me fall asleep!  Weird!


So Many Choices

Body image is a huge factor in self-confidence!  Let’s get you comfortable in your own skin with these high-tech tools, then “Watch out world!  Here she comes!”

Cindy Baumann, Sleek Physique LLC

Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner



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