I was 32 when I first became an Endermologie client. I can’t say that I was “desperately” looking for a solution to my cellulite that night that I watched Diane Sawyer air a news magazine story about Endermologie. I’d given up on finding a solution after the only thing I’d tried to that point – wrapping my legs in ace bandages for a few hours before going out – only resulted in ace bandage lines indented into my skin! But her story that night made me take notice. I was recently-divorced, my self-esteem and confidence destroyed, and dreading wading back into the dating pool. My husband made snide comments about my cellulite while we were married, so I wanted to get rid of it, if possible, before dating again so as to never hear any more comments about it.

Low-and-behold shortly after Diane’s story, I happened-upon a print ad promoting Endermologie in a hair salon in a kind-of rough part of town. I didn’t care; I was going to give it a try. The treatment room was in the basement of the salon – a dark, dungeon-like room with cold rock walls and floors and no windows. I coughed up a couple thousand dollars for my package of treatments – no such thing as “ala carte’”, or “Introductory Specials” back then – and faithfully received treatments twice a week. I don’t know if the famous “Endermologie bodysuit” didn’t exist back then, or if my practitioner simply didn’t provide them, because she told me to buy a Danskin unitard to wear during the treatments. Because my unitard didn’t have arms, I had to stick my arms into the legs of pantyhose when she treated my arms! Environment aside, the technology worked! I was going to the pool and lake, just walking around in my bathing suit like I was Miss America!

Endermologie continued to work for many years. Then, in my mid-forties, I noticed it creeping back. I assumed it was because I was a practitioner by then, and giving myself treatments isn’t nearly as effective as when they are administered by someone else. Not having a fellow pro to trade with, I had to supplement my Endermologie with something else in order to keep my cellulite at bay. That “something else” was “Catalyst” by “AdvoCare” – an amino acid supplement formulated to retain lean muscle mass. A “happy accident” with “Catalyst” is cellulite reduction. Whew! The combination worked! Smooth skin was mine again!

Now, I’m in my fifties, and it’s creeping back again. NOW I realize it’s the aging process. Still fighting this every step of the way, I’ve added two more layers of treatment: “NuBODY” – FDA-cleared at-home micro-current technology, and “Body Lift” by “Venus Skin” – stem cell technology in a cellulite cream. I just started my new regime a few weeks ago, can already see some improvement, and am hopeful I can get back to how I looked when I started treatments 20 years ago.

My 20-year anniversary with Endermologie is right about now; I guess that’s why I find myself musing about my journey. I’m on this journey with you. You’re not going to find this kind of “I’ve been there” experience with many other Endermologie practitioners. Give me a call! Let’s get you started on treatments, or a combination of technologies. It’s a zillion degrees outside; let’s get you comfortable in your own skin!

Cindy Baumann, “Expert” Certified Endermologie Practitioner

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