She’s tired

But she can’t rest.

The sun will be up soon; she must rise-and-shine, or at least rise, if she wants a few moments to herself to eat, drink her coffee, read the news and her emails in peace, and grab a quick shower before the boys get up.

The boys won’t get up. She has to repeatedly go in there and tell them it’s time to get up. Meanwhile she’s trying to pack lunches for the three of them. The boys finally get out of bed. “Great…now we’re running late”. She frantically pours milk and cereal; the boys seeming to move in slow motion. Getting them dressed is no picnic, either.

Time to go. They all load into the car. First stop – elementary school. Second stop – middle school. Third stop – her office.

She loves her job, but short-staffed, she can never seem to catch a break at work. Deadlines…mounting piles of work…boss continually interrupting her concentration and momentum…mean customers…meetings that do nothing but waste time…

Lunchtime. She’d love nothing more than to sit outside at the picnic table or in her car, alone, to reenergize. But no can do. Too much work. She eats lunch at her desk while she continues working, as normal. She’s so busy that she dreads having to stop to go to the bathroom.

Now it’s time to go home.


She’s tired

But she can’t rest.

Too much work and too short deadlines; she can’t stay late to finish because this is the night she has to take her eldest son to his sports practice.

So she battles rush hour traffic, picks him up, chauffeurs him to practice, and finds a spot to continue plugging away on her work deliverable. Oftentimes she uses this time to do the grocery shopping or other errands, or even take a fitness walk. Now she’ll have to find some other time to work in these tasks.

By the time she gets home, hubby and her youngest son are home from his own outside school activity.


She’s tired

But she can’t rest.

She whips up a quick sit-down family dinner, then begins the nightly battle to get the boys to bathe, brush their teeth, and ready for bed.

“Ah, they’re finally down.” She THINKS she’ll reconnect with hubby for a few minutes before watching the evening news then going to bed. But sleep overtakes her before the hubs has a chance to join her, and long before the news started.

Rinse. Repeat tomorrow. And the day after that….and the day after that….


She’s tired.
Her name is Evelyn.
She’s my longtime client.
And for her Endermologie is not some hoity-toity, frivolous luxury. For her, Endermologie is, truly, an ESSENTIAL function.


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