My clients often ask me if I’ve ever tried “such-and-such” or “this-or-that”; hence, in order to serve them better, I try out all sorts of products.  If I especially like one I’ll shout-it-out on my Facebook page; if I’m really enamored, I’ll offer it for purchase in my office!  The following products are all, not only, “clinically tested”, but also “Cindy tested”!  I use all of these, myself, on a regular basis!

“Catalyst” by “AdvoCare”®

I was introduced to “AdvoCare” in 2006 when a friend, a professional fitness model, turned me on to “Catalyst”.  “Catalyst” was formulated for the 1996 U.S. Olympic Wrestling team, at the request of its coach.  He wanted a supplement that would maintain lean muscle mass during calorie restriction.  “Catalyst” keeps the muscles fueled during workouts, so the body won’t cannibalize them for energy.  A “happy accident” is its skin-smoothing effect!  Take three servings a day, and within a month you should see a difference in your skin tone.  Use as a standalone, or a beautiful complement to Endermologie.  Results vary.

To try “Catalyst” for yourself, click here.