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10 Reasons to See Sleek Physique for Endermologie

Exercise is not Getting Rid of Your Cellulite Diet and exercise affect the layer of fat that lies right atop the muscle, while cellulite resides in the layer of fat just below the skin.  That’s why sometimes you’ll notice, say, marathon runners with cellulite; those training runs did nothing for that outermost fat layer. Endermologie […]

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Let’s Not Cut Corners

My go-to protein powder was out of stock this morning, so I, begrudgingly, selected a “Plan B”. Only after I got it home did I realize one serving required 2 scoops – twice as much as my preferred brand. “This is going to run out in no time”, I thought to myself; even momentarily considering […]

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Having Realistic Expectations

Endermologie technology WORKS! Its ability to make our skin look younger is AMAZING! That being said, it’s important to start your Endermologie journey with realistic expectations. What It Will and Won’t Do While Endermologie will improve your skin’s appearance, let’s be real…it’s not going to make a 60-year-old’s skin look like it did when she […]