Many years ago, a new client said to me, “I don’t have that much (cellulite) so it probably won’t take many treatments, right?”


Not necessarily!  Endermologie is a highly personal journey.  Every “body” is different, thus, responds differently.


What’s Happening to my Body?


As we age, our systems slow down and aren’t as efficient as when we were younger.  Remember being able to eat anything and not having to worry about weight gain?!  Yeah, well, THOSE days are long gone, for me, anyway!  “Thanks a lot, slowing metabolism!”  We also don’t release fat as readily as we age.  That’s why “muffin tops” and “saddlebags” form.


  • Me:  “Not fair!  I’m ready, willing, and able to burn the fat, but you’ve got to release it so I CAN burn it!”
  • My body:  “Nope!”


As well, our blood circulation slows, thereby not delivering oxygen and nutrients to our muscles, tissues, and cells as effectively as when we were younger.  This affects the appearance of our skin and makes us less energetic.


Not to be left out, our lymphatic drainage slows, backing up the release of waste from our bodies.  This, too, affects the appearance of our skin and especially how we feel.  “Bowels” become more and more a topic of discussion as we age.


Our skin also starts to look a little duller as we age.  We can thank slowing exfoliation for that.


Woman in white bikini balancing herself against the Integral 2Endermologie to the Rescue!


Cleared by the FDA in 1998, non-invasive Endermologie, in a nutshell, stimulates your systems for optimum performance.  I describe it as making your systems behave like they did when you were younger.  And it does so naturally, meaning we’re not injecting anything into your body OR taking anything out!  You’ll also not be required to ingest medicines or apply topicals.  For best results, you’ll be advised to drink lots of water and to do 15-20 minutes of light cardio on treatment days – both completely natural habits in and of themselves.


So Why Aren’t There Guarantees?


Everybody responds differently to almost everything!  Ev-er-y-thing!


I LOATHE peas!  Yet many love ’em!  What’s so different in my taste buds that I’d rather go hungry than eat peas?  Why does “hair color #1A” look terrific on my sister, but makes ME look like a clown?  Why did one friend’s vein removal not work while her BFF’s turned out beautifully?


Because There Are No Guarantees When It Comes to the Body


Sure, we can apply tools to “request permission” from our bodies for change, but at the end of the day, our bodies have the ultimate say.


  • Me:  “Hey body, can I be this hair color now?”
  • My body:  “Nope.” (or) “I’ll allow it.”


  • Me:  “Hey body, can I eat this bowl of peas?”
  • My body:  “I’m gonna make you feel like hurling!” (or) “I’m going to make this the tastiest delectable you’ve ever eaten!”


Our bodies are fascinating “machines” with millions of working parts!


Statistically, most women need 16-20 treatments to get their skin looking as good as their bodies will allow – aka “plateau”.  There could be any number of reasons that one woman responds to Endermologie after 1 or 2Woman in white bikini standing in the ocean surf beaming with her hands in the air in celebration treatments, while it takes another closer to 20 treatments (Yours truly falls into that camp!) to affect change; it all comes back to “Every ‘body’ is different”.


As an aside, Endermologie offers a wealth of wellness benefits while it’s delivering aesthetic gain.  So, you’ll feel soooooo goooood after each and every one of your treatments!


Let’s start your Endermologie journey today!


Cindy Baumann headshotCindy Baumann, Sleek Physique LLC

Masters Degreed, Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner

In continuous specialized service since 2005





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