Hi! I’m Cindy Baumann, owner of Southwest Silhouettes in Phoenix Arizona. I have administered non-invasive, FDA-cleared Endermologie treatments for the past 14 years, after having been a client for 6 years prior. I started out in 2005 in St. Joseph Missouri, a bedroom community about an hour north of Kansas City. After a couple of years there, I moved my practice to Kansas City where I remained until 2010 when I married and moved to Tucson – a community I served until moving to Phoenix in 2017. I’m certified in two different Endermologie machines – “Expert” in one of those. Endermologie organically smooths cellulite and wrinkles, tones loose skin, and slims fat pockets. But a “happy accident” is wellness benefits! Clients sleep better, eliminate better, feel less sore, less stressed, more energized, more limber, some have reduced their pain relief medications, and some have even found relief from their Fibromyalgia pain!

One of my favorite success stories is Kathie. She was referred to me by her massage therapist in St. Joseph. She had been in a horrific auto accident 4 years prior, and numerous surgeries had left her strapped with so much scar tissue that she could hardly move. I had to help her get into the required Endermologie bodysuit for her first couple of treatments – she didn’t even have the range of motion to reach across her chest to pull it up over her shoulder. On her third treatment, she arrived WEARING the bodysuit – she’d been able to put it on all by herself at home! The following weekend she worked in the yard all weekend – the first time since the accident! Then the following weekend, she cleaned out her garage! She even reported breathing easier because we’d loosened the scar tissue around her lungs! At last check she was a Yoga “junkie”!

Then there was Nancy, a farmer. For the first couple of weeks she arrived to the spa wearing tank tops, cut-off shorts, tennis shoes, no make-up, hair in a ponytail. By the end of her series of 20 treatments, she was wearing tailored pants, fashionable sweaters and pumps, hair styled, a little make-up, all because she felt better about herself! Her husband accompanied her to her last treatment, and, as they left, he shook my hand and thanked me for giving him back his wife! You just can’t discount the value of body image and self-esteem!

I was once sharing these two stories with client Marie, who, not wanting to be left out, felt like she, too, needed to be anecdote. She said, “I’m a success story, too. I couldn’t go to the pool before Endermologie”!

Now let’s start on YOUR success story!


Cindy Baumann, Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner



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