To Call or Not to Call

Ah, communicating with our service providers…a necessary evil.  If my matter isn’t urgent, I prefer to communicate with businesses by email or messaging.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking so I’ll opt for online chat.  But sometimes the matter is critical, or the business doesn’t offer more convenient communication, so I’ll have no choice but to call.

Several options, one common denominator – HUMAN CONTACT!



A few days ago, I opted for online chat, and was immediately greeted by “Jan”.  “Good morning, Jan!  I have a question about (blah, blah, blah……)”.  Being a helpful customer, I dutifully went into detail so “Jan” would have all the information she would need to help me.  Upon hitting “send” I received an immediate reply from “Jan” explaining that “she” is an auto-attendant and to select which of the three following options most closely represents my issue!  “AAAUUUUGGGGHHH!”  I can’t believe that I was courteous to a bot!


I Hate Bots!

In fact, I LOATHE bots!  A bot has never helped me!  All bot conversations end the same way, “Please call our customer service team at (some 800 number) between the hours of (such-and-such)” …  Oh, yay!  Another thing to add to my to-do list!

Also not long ago, I did call a business.  It took me good 5-minutes to plow through all of the prompts and needless time-stalling FYI messages only to hear, “Our offices are currently closed. Please call back during the hours of (such-and-such)”!  Are you kidding me?!  That couldn’t have been disclosed before the first prompt?!

Then there are the times that I do make it through all the prompts only to be left in queue for 15…30…45 minutes…maybe more…while being forcibly subjected to hold music and repetitive “Your call is important to us.  Please remain on the line and one of our customer service agents will assist you in the order your call was received.” interjections.  Maybe somebody eventually comes…maybe I run out of time and hang up, dreading having to do it all again later.

Good old-fashioned human contact is slowly becoming a thing of the past.


Where Does the Impersonalization End?

Woman in white Endermologie bodysuit lying face down on table, another woman administering an Endermologie cellulite treatment with the Integral 2

In my treatment room, that’s where!  No bots or auto-attendants here!  When you come in for an Endermologie cellulite treatment or wrinkle treatment, you will melt into my table and escape your worries for upwards of 45-minutes and leave feeling relaxed, energized, and less stressed!  After repeated treatments, you’ll notice your skin looking like it did when you were younger!

Now that’s about as “human contact” as it gets!


Cindy Baumann headshotCindy Baumann, Sleek Physique, LLC

Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner

In continuous, specialized practice since 2005

Masters Degreed




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