I am You!

I’ve been saying it for years, “I am ‘you’.  I’ve walked in your shoes.  I know what it feels like to feel embarrassed and trapped from fun because of cellulite. And I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of Endermologie”.  But NOW I can add, “I, too, am suffering from this current hyperinflation trend”.

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Is This Really Necessary?

It feels like a social media trend!  Every day we hear about, yet, another company “passing along” its increased expenses to its customers.  Why?!  Just because “everybody else is”?!  Haven’t any of these CEOs ever heard of simply temporarily accepting a smaller margin until we get through this?!

I’m musing because I’ve finally slipped off the end of my rope – yesterday my beloved AdvoCare announced it, too, is jumping on the ‘Let’s raise our prices’ bandwagon.  So, let’s see, up to this point:

Bank fees have increased – so I changed banks

Netflix increased – so I dropped it

All of my personal and business insurance policies have increased – so I revised my policies

Groceries have increased – so now I buy generic when feasible, and do without non-essentials

HOA fees increased – I’m not going to move, so I’m stuck

Gasoline has increased – I’m not going to run out and buy an electric car, so I’m stuck

Home security monitoring has increased – I’m not getting rid of it, so I’m stuck

Interest rates have and continue to increase – I’m stuck again

And AdvoCare is increasing – so I’ll only stock it for my clients’ use


So Where Am I Going With All of This Rambling?

Guess who is NOT raising prices?!  ME!  I haven’t raised my prices in eight years!  Why?  Because…..say it with me….I am YOU!  I know what you’re going through, and am not going to punish you with a price increase or reduction in service with all of this economic greed abounding all around us right now.  At Sleek Physique, your dollar still has the same buying power as it did in 2014!

So I’ll just take it on the chin for the time being.  No recreation or dining for now, probably no vacation this year, make due with my 16-year-old car a while longer…It’s not like I had a wealthy, recently-departed aunt who left me a safety net! 😝  Though, maybe one of those Nigerian Princes who keep emailing me might finally come through! 😅

This madness will end!  It always does!  Just hang on; it’s gonna be a wild ride.  And if you need a break from the insanity, call meSleek Physique‘s Endermologie will help you weather this storm! 😉


Cindy Baumann, Expert-certified Endermologie Pro

Sleek Physique, LLC

913-339-8011, SkinYou.Love

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