Every decision we make is rooted in “Why?”.

“Why did you buy a home in ‘Anytown USA’?”  “Because the schools are good, the crime is low, and the jobs pay well.”

“Why did you choose to attend ‘Any State University’?”  “Because it has the best ‘Underwater Basket Weaving’ program in the country”.

“Why did you adopt that breed of dog?” “Because it’s a good guard dog… or snuggle bunny… or does well in this climate…”

“Why did you blow your diet with that pizza?” “Because if I don’t resolve this insatiable craving, I won’t be able to concentrate on anything else!”

The “Why’s” behind Endermologie are varied.  Here are some that my clients have shared:


Wrinkle and Cellulite Treatment


Not Comfortable in Their Skin

The main reason ladies come in is because they don’t like the appearance of their skin.  Cellulite…fat rolls…tired, old-looking faces, necks, and de’collete’…  it’s no secret that aging takes a toll, causing our skin to sag, pucker, crinkle, and wrinkle.  And it gets worse as we near and enter menopause!  A series of Body Endermologie treatments may just be all you need to turn back the effects of time on your skin.


Baby Flab

New moms are also common visitors, as they find their tummy skin draping after delivery.  Body Endermologie stimulates fibroblasts which, in turn, increase production of collagen and elastin, helping their abs return to their pre-baby glory!


Scary Lady!

One of my former clients used to volunteer in an elementary school.  One little girl constantly shied away from her.  One day the teacher told my client that this little girl was afraid of her because she “looks mean”!  That’s a pretty good “Why?” for starting Facial Endermologie to erase her frown lines!



Class Reunion and New Year’s Eve

Class reunions are a valid “Why?”.  My clients don’t want to see their former classmates, decades years later, and leave them thinking, “Wow, time sure hasn’t been good to her”.  No!  My clients want them wondering what’s their secret!

As well, New Year’s Eve parties tend to be over-the-top blowouts, complete with lots of selfies and group photos, some of which will no doubt be posted on social media!  My clients want attractive, not haggard-looking, photos floating around in perpetuity!



And speaking of photos, let’s not forget the brides!  LOTS of brides-to-be come through my office during the weeks before their big days.  They want their curves to look slim and sleek in their wedding attire, and their arms, décolleté, necks and faces to be firm; after all, all eyes will be on them as they walk down the aisle!




Post Surgical


Scar Tissue Buildup

One of my very first clients back in 2005 had been in a horrific car accident years earlier. Multiple surgeries had left her strapped with so much scar tissue that she had limited range of motion – she even found it hard to take a deep breath.

It was her massage therapist who referred her to me to address the scar tissue.  I had to help her get into her Endermologie bodysuit the first two times – she didn’t even have the range of motion to reach across her chest to pull it up over her shoulder.  But the third session?  She came in wearing it!  She’d been able to do it herself at home!  A week or two later she told me that she’d worked in the yard all weekend – something she’d not been able to do since the accident!  Not long after that, she cleaned her garage – another victory!


Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Over the years countless ladies have come in after liposuction, and a few others after “Mommy Makeovers”.  You will bruise and you will swell after surgery.  Nothing’s wrong, it’s just a normal part of the process.  But you can hasten your healing with Body Endermologie.  Bruises heal faster and swelling subsides sooner.

After 3 treatments
After 3 treatments




Post-workout Recovery

“Ahhhh!” that delightful burn that we feel during workouts that lets us know that we’re doing something good for our bodies.  But with that burn comes lactic acid build-up, which often turns into soreness.  Quite a few of my ladies seek treatment right after their workouts for the express purpose of preventing such soreness.  AND because a Body Endermologie treatment is a nice “reward” for a job well done!



My ladies certainly are a traveling bunch!  Vacations… honeymoons… Arizona and Florida seem to be the most popular haunts, but Turks and Mexico, as well as ocean cruises, are also garnering a fair amount of traffic!  These ladies do not want to visit warm-weather locations just to stay indoors or covered up; no, they’re going to the beach!  Or the pool!  And if they don’t feel like they’re “beach ready” or “shorts ready” they’re going to do a series of Body Endermologie treatments in order to get ready!


Pain Relief

Despite my earnest efforts, pain relief is still a lesser-known benefit of Body Endermologie.  Women will come in for aesthetic reasons, but find that their arthritis pain, and even fibromyalgia pain, is lessoning.  One client in particular was no stranger to Body Endermologie when she first started with me; she had been receiving treatments for years in her home state of Colorado.  She learned a long time ago that Body Endermologie helps her live with chronic fatigue syndrome.


They Like How They Feel During and After Treatment


Endermologie is so much more than just “aesthetic”.  It also offers a load of “wellness” benefits.


“Julie” was a divorced, active nurse practitioner and mountain hiker when she was hit by a drunk driver and left disabled.  She was forced into medical retirement, walked with a cane, and found it so uncomfortable to workout that she just didn’t bother.  She described her sedentary lifestyle as leaving her feeling “bunchy”.  You know, tight muscles and joints, low range of motion, pain when trying to force greater range of motion, slow gait.

But once she started Body Endermologie she found her body becoming looser to the point where she started exercising more because it didn’t hurt as badly.  Then, because her workouts were building strength, balance, and stamina, she started using her cane less and less.  She even started dating again once she became more mobile!


“Beverly”, 70-some years old, was recently widowed after 50 years.  At the beginning of her Endermologie journey she cried and cried through every treatment as she shared anecdotes about her late husband, their family, and their life together.  I bet it was around month before she was able to get through a treatment without weeping; eventually, she’d walk into her treatments smiling!  At one point she shared with me that Body Endermologie provided “touch”.  She’d not gone one day in 50 years without being touched until her husband died, and she found Body Endermologie to be a much-needed substitute while she completed her mourning process.


“Candy” lives so close to my office that she often walks over.  Normally, her “Why?” is “pampering and momentary escape”.  However, her husband has developed sleep apnea in the time since she and I met; sometimes, his snoring is so bad that she can’t sleep soundly.  When she has Endermologie the day after a night like that, she’s out like a light within 5 minutes!  So sometimes her “Why?” becomes “restorative sleep”!


Just Need a Break

“Cathy” upped her maintenance from once-a-month to once-a-week after her husband retired and started spending much more time at home!  She said she just needed a little break once-in-a-while!  Similarly, several ladies find their Endermologie sessions a nice respite from “Mom mode”…a few minutes where somebody serves them for a change!


So what’s your “Why?”?!  There’s no wrong answer!


Cindy Baumann, Sleek Physique, LLC

Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner




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