Here are just a few reasons:


Endermologie is Organic

Nuthin’ goin’ in; nuthin’ comin’ out!  Endermologie simply retrains your systems to behave as they did when you were younger – and smoother, toner, and less lumpy!  What systems, you ask?  Your blood circulation, your lymphatic drainage, digestion, metabolism, exfoliation, and the rate at which your body releases fat, to name the biggies.

Cellulite occurs when blood flow slows down, which, in turn, slows delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your cells and tissues, causing them to become less healthy.  It doesn’t help that the lymph gets bogged down, too, and removal of toxins isn’t as efficient as it once was.  This duo causes fat cells to become engorged and poke up through the skin, and the fibers that connect our skin to our muscles to become fatter and shorter, pulling down on the skin.  Fat cells poking up, and connective tissues pulling down, and there’s your “orange peel”!  Oh, and of course lipolysis has to get in on the act and get lazy on us…”Well, Hello Fat Rolls”!

But with Endermologie a 40-year-old might regain the skin she had in her 20’s!  Are we going to optimize an 80-year-old’s systems to that of a 20-year-old?  Not likely, but we might make her feel like she’s in her 60’s again!


Endermologie is Noninvasive

No zapping

No puncturing

No cutting

No chance of infection since we’re not breaking your skin!

All-natural Body Endermologie is delivered via rollers and suction.  Equally natural Facial Endermologie is delivered via flaps and suction.  You can just get up and on with your day after Endermologie treatments; you won’t feel like you need to rest, you won’t have to “nurse” any treatment areas, you won’t have to fear the sun, and you won’t have to avoid your workout.  Oh, and it’s a dry treatment; you won’t have to wash oils or gels off of your skin afterward.

Endermologie is FDA-cleared as a Class 1 Medical Device

Class 1 – the same class as bandages! That’s pretty darn safe!  Can you cause harm with a bandage?  Sure, but not if you know what you’re doing!  That’s why it’s important that you choose an Endermologie practitioner who has been properly trained and certified by LPG trainers.

For the record, I have FOUR Endermologie certifications – one of which is “Expert”!


Endermologie Feels Good

Many liken it to a massage, finding it so soothing that they fall asleep during their 30-45 minute treatments!  I had a client years ago who was a traveling nurse.  She said that every time she passed the highway exit that she’d normally take to come to her Endermologie treatment, her body would just compulsively go “Ahhhhhh” and fall into a state of relaxation!

Why writhe and grimace in pain to achieve beauty if you don’t have to?!


Endermologie Provides Wellness Benefits

If nothing else, you will at least improve your wellness. You might sleep better, eliminate better, feel less sore, feel less stressed, feel energized, and feel empowered to make better diet and exercise choices. Kind-of a “two-fer” one!

One of my clients found her range of motion so improved that she was able to work in her yard and clean her garage – something she’d not been able to do for years prior to Endermologie.

At least two clients were able to reduce their blood pressure medicine.

One client’s arthritis was so bad prior to Endermologie that her husband had to put her shoes on for her and help her get into her car.

Another client simply started dressing up and wearing makeup and doing her hair up a little after several weeks of Endermologie!

Currently, probably half of my ladies come in for post-workout recovery.  Endermologie helps release lactic acid which prevents soreness, soothes taxed and throbbing muscles, and just generally serves as a reward for a good workout!



Clients have told me that in trying to describe to others how they feel afterward, they just can’t find the words; they just tell their audience to try Endermologie for themselves.  So that’s my advice for you, too; just come in and try it!  It’s indescribable!

Cindy Baumann, Sleek Physique, LLC

Masters Degreed.  Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner

In continuous specialized service since 2005


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