Endermologie. Though it’s a technological marvel that has been around for several decades, you may have never heard of it. What started in France in the 70’s by a physical therapist as a personal tool to soften his scar tissue after an auto accident, has become a worldwide anti-aging phenomenon – some 300,000 treatments being administered every day. What’s more, Endermologie is non-invasive, organic, and cleared by the FDA.

Endermologie for the body combines suction and rollers to painlessly challenge the skin in order to smooth out cellulite dimples, tighten and tone loose skin, and smooth out little fat pockets here and there. New moms love it for tightening up “baby flab”, men love it for toning loose pecs and slimming love handles, women, in general, love the whole smoothing, toning, and slimming ‘trifecta’ – it leaves them feeling comfortable in shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. Endermologie also does a marvelous job with healing bruises – to include the severe bruising that accompanies Liposuction. You just can’t place a value on body image. Endermologie restores confidence – sometimes even a life-changing confidence!

Endermologie for the face combines suction and tiny flaps to smooth out wrinkles, tighten and tone loose necks and jowls, and slim down double-chins. Visiting Phoenix for the winter? Start Endermologie now, and go home looking like a new you! Class reunion? Family photo? Whatever the occasion, Endermologie can get you looking, and feeling, better. And these results will not only be noticeable to you, but also your spouse will notice, your friends and family will notice; you’ll hold yourself with more confidence.

For aesthetic gain, Endermologie treatments must be received in quick succession in the beginning, tapering off to maintenance after a comfort level or plateau is achieved. Endermologie is 100% natural, so, just like a haircut or manicure, results need to be maintained.

In addition to aesthetic benefits, Endermologie also results in better wellness. Most clients feel immediate relaxation – many drifting to sleep during treatments. Improved sleep, digestion, and elimination are also common. And let’s not forget pain relief. Athletic and active people come in for post-workout recovery in releasing lactic acid build-up and soothing sore muscles, while arthritis and fibromyalgia sufferers come in for pain relief and improved range of motion. And of course, the original intent of Endermologie – softening scar tissue. Hard scar tissue can restrict blood circulation and lymphatic drainage causing pain, numbness, pinched nerves, and flexibility issues. Endermologie can soften this tissue, thereby making you feel more comfortable and improving your quality of life.



Cindy Baumann, Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner




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