Why is this Happening?!

One of the ladies who regularly comes in for cellulite treatments shared with me how, in preparation for Memorial Day weekend – the weekend her family traditionally gets their boat out on the water for the first run of the season – she really amped-up her leg workouts. And then her scale went up, up, up. Though her dutiful hubby kept telling her she looked fabulous, she felt deflated. She tried on her “skinny shorts” just to see how tight they are now; to her delight, they slid right on!

The Weight Gain on the Scale was Merely Fat Converting to Muscle!

And a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat! SO we can get heavier, yet smaller! Winner!

I keep suggesting to the ladies losing weight to monitor progress by using the “jeans test”! Sure, weigh if you must, but jeans aren’t subjective, they’re not ambiguous, and they don’t lie!

It Happened Again!

Another one of my regulars finished up her package of 20 a couple of days ago.  She began Endermologie not for cellulite treatments but for therapeutic reasons. She suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and, for years, has found Endermologie to be just what she needs to feel comfortable and somewhat human.

What’s new for her this time; however, is her activity level in recent months.  She not only joined a gym, but it’s close enough to home that she walks to it…a “two-fer-one”!  AND she has really taken to bicycle riding lately, even finding a riding buddy to hold her accountable and prevent her from skipping rides.

As we wrapped up after her last treatment she told me she wanted to take a break from Endermologie in order to test a theory.  She was concerned that, despite her increased activity level, she was gaining weight, and wondered if, somehow, Endermologie was the culprit to that weight gain.

Oh, She’ll be Back!

She’s going to find out really quickly that Endermologie was aiding, not hindering, her!

Exercise and Endermologie

Endermologie does not build muscle; you will build muscle via your workouts.  Endermologie does, however, sooth your muscles after a killer workout; in fact, nearly half of my ladies come in for that reason alone.

Endermologie stimulates your systems; it increases blood circulation, lipolysis, exfoliation, and lymphatic drainage.  Let me say that again…LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE!  So Endermologie doesn’t cause water weight gain, either; on the contrary, it encourages your body to release excess fluids.  Many years ago a woman who won my gift certificate in an auction came in to redeem it.  The next morning she called me, all excited, because she’d had diarrhea after her treatment and asked if that was normal.  Most people don’t experience that, but since we’re stimulating the lymph it’s not a big surprise.  She was delighted about it!  She said she wanted to start coming in once-a-month just for that “perk”!

If you are embarking on a weight-loss journey, it’s a really good idea to incorporate Endermologie cellulite treatments into your plan.  Besides, there’s nothing sleeker than a nice, tight muscle wrapped in nice, tight skin!


Cindy Baumann, Sleek Physique, LLC

Expert Certified Endermologie Practitioner



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